Bingham Crossing | April 2017 Update
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April 2017 Update


With summer quickly approaching, the change in season provides a great opportunity to let you know what our team has been working on over the past few months.

We would like to answer some of the questions we hear most frequently. If you have any additional questions that aren’t answered here, please contact us and we look forward to sharing more information over the coming months.

General Project Updates

Q1: What is the current status of the project?

A: Its been a busy winter behind the scenes for the Bingham team,  in particular on infrastructure improvements to improve safety and accessibility to the site. While a lengthly process, this work was crucial and has set us up to start these projects once the construction season has begun.


Q2: Do you have any updates on your transportation plan?

A: All design and engineering drawings have been approved by Rocky View County and we are now focusing on off-site transportation to enhance how traffic from the TransCanada Highway will access the site. The design is complete and we are working through final approvals with RVC and Alberta Transportation. These new traffic improvements will improve safety and traffic flow to the site.


Wastewater Treatment Plant

Q3: We’ve heard there has been some progress regarding the wastewater treatment plant, can you explain?

A: We’re pleased to share that we’ve received  all necessary approvals from the Alberta Environment and Rocky View County to proceed with our enhanced wastewater treatment plant that will service the complete Bingham Crossing project with advanced and environmentally sensitive technology. Development permits will be submitted soon and construction will commence as soon as permits are in hand.


Q4: What is the status of your landscaping plan?

A: All landscaping drawings have been approved for the municipal reserve and pathway system. This will create an attractive environmental enhancement and welcoming space for the community.


Q5: When will you be announcing what retailers will be opening at Bingham Crossing?

A: Our leasing team has been travelling internationally to secure tenants and we anticipate being able to announce some of them soon. Our initial focus is on the larger tenancies to provide a strong retail and amenity mix for the community and visitors to Bingham. If interested in leasing opportunities, please contact our team and we’d be happy to discuss availabilities.

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