Water Treatment Facility
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Water Treatment Facility

As we approach another active phase of our development at Bingham Crossing, we wanted to provide an update to the community on our progress, as well as an idea of some of the work that will be progressing throughout 2016.

Over the last few months, you’ve likely noticed stripping and grading work on the Bingham site.  In addition to awaiting our final approvals, stripping and grading is part of the process to finalize offsite infrastructure and major components of the development such as the spine road and exterior landscaping.

We have submitted Engineering and Planning drawings to Rocky View County and are awaiting comments and approvals to allow us to start infrastructure, roads and site construction this year.  We also wish to clarify that, any offsite improvements to infrastructure, including new roadways, are 100% at our cost – there is zero financial impact to the taxpayers of Rocky View County.

In addition to all the site work, we’ve also completed a fully functional Water Treatment Plant on the Cal-Alta Lands across the highway to accommodate the development which is now providing water to a number of other users, including The Edge School.

Separate from construction, leasing is progressing and our team has been meeting with retailers in the US and Canada to achieve a high-quality mix of tenants to serve the community and hope to be in a position to announce some of the new tenants later this year.  We also continue to work with the Senior’s community for the opening of the new residences and expect a formal announcement soon.

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