Phase 2 MSDP Circulation
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Phase 2 MSDP Circulation

Bingham Crossing – Phase 2 MSDP Circulation

Following a public information session held in May 2019, where we heard of positive feedback and support for the Bingham Crossing project, our team developed and submitted a Phase 2 Master Site Development Plan (MSDP) to Rocky View County (RVC) in Fall 2019. RVC has completed its initial review of the document and will now circulate it to key stakeholders for their review and comment. The review period is 30 days and is expected to begin sometime this week. You may access the MSDP on the RVC website once it becomes available.   Following the circulation period, all comments will be reviewed and considered by RVC as they progress their review of the MSDP.

The purpose of an MSDP is to outline the proposed phasing for a project and provide guidelines for future development.

Pending meeting our pre-leasing commitments, we are anticipating that construction on Phase I will commence next Spring/Summer.  Currently, our efforts have been focused on completing leasing on Phase I with discussions underway with several national and local retailers.

For leasing inquiries, please contact Eve Renaud at (403) 263-4449 or email at

We invite you to join us as we develop the area’s first open-air destination lifestyle shopping centre. 

Do you have ideas, comments or suggestions you’d like to see or experience at Bingham Crossing?

Leasing Opportunities

We’re currently in the process of seeking international and local lifestyle retail brands, upscale restaurants, fast casual dining operators, fitness, spa and wellness providers and entertainment-focused tenants to join us as we bring this unique destination to life.  

If you feel your business would be a fit and would like some additional information about Bingham Crossing, please contact:

Ron Renaud
President, Rencor Developments Inc.
Phone: 403-263-4449

Eve Renaud
Vice President, Rencor Developments Inc.
Phone: 403-612-0143

We look forward to making some exciting announcements soon!

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