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During our discussions with our neighbours, several topics were highlighted or required further information. As a result these issues have been more thoroughly addressed:

Scale of development:

The current proposal area has been significantly scaled down. The updated proposed development is approximately 62 acres in size. This is half the size of the previous submission.

Water supply:

Water will be provided by a regional provider that currently services land both north and south of Highway 1. Bingham Crossing already has an allocation approved by the Utility (CalAlta) and Alberta Environment.


Sanitary sewer will be provided by a collection, treatment and disposal system that will service the entire project. Wastewater will be collected and treated at a new wastewater treatment plant. Treated effluent will be dispersed through a spray irrigation system onto the quarter section located immediately to the east. All on-site utilities will be designed, constructed and maintained by Bingham Crossing, at no cost to Rocky View County.

Increase in traffic:

In response to community input, roundabouts have been proposed rather than traffic lights. Discussions with Alberta Transportation and the County have been initiated with the objective of using roundabouts rather than the previously proposed traffic lights. The ultimate decision on where and how many roundabouts will be used will be up to the County and Alberta Transportation. Roundabouts will allow a constant free flow of traffic through them, and will not increase travel time waiting for lights to change.

The project will gain access from the Highway 1/Range Road 33 interchange. Range Road 33, between Highway 1 and Township Road 250, will be upgraded to 4 lanes, and there will only be right-in/right-out turns into and out of the project. Township Road 250 will also be upgraded to 4 lanes between Range Road 33 and the most easterly access (i.e. a roundabout) to the project.

Using special design features, signage and visual cues, traffic from the project will be directed back to the Highway 1/Range Road 33 interchange.

Planning process

Area Structure Plans (ASP’s) are adopted based on the information and input received during their preparation. All ASPs are designed to be amended to reflect changes over time. The NSASP makes specific reference to the need for the Plan to change including:

The development of the Plan lands will vary as the locational factors and the site suitability of the lands to support and sustain a proposed land use are evaluated by different proponents for development.
It is expected that with periodic review and amendment, the Future Land Use Plan Concept will remain current.

We are continuing to go above and beyond the required County planning process and are diligently connecting with all known stakeholders in the area on an ongoing basis to discuss the development.

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